4 supernatural islands on Mekong Delta

Being called four supernatural creatures of the orchards zone, Long - Lan – Quy - Phung Island create a charming picture of romantic Tien river. It becomes an interesting tourism destination of discovering southwestern area.

They are also located on Tien River, but Long island and Lan Island are situated in My Tho city, Tien Giang province while Quy island and Phung island are situated in Tan Thach commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province. From Ho Chi Minh city, driving about 70 kilometers toward to 1A national highway, tourists will step foot on the 3rd largest cable-stayed bridge of Mekong Delta named Rach Mieu bridge connecting Tien Giang and Ben Tre.

Rach Mieu bridge 
Rach Mieu bridge connects Tien Giang and Ben Tre province.

Looking toward to the East from here, you will be surprised by an immense waterway area showed in front. That is the image of four supernatural creatures including Long, Lan, Quy, Phung floating on the river. While Lan Island and Phung island are shaped in in symmetric position as "flanking dragons ", Quy and Phung Island are poetic, gentle as the water flow of southwestern area.

To start discovering the "four supernatural creatures", you have to hire a local boat at My Tho dock or An Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province. If starting from Ho Chi Minh, it is more convenient to hire a boat at My Tho dock on street 30/04. The price for shared boat is only about $ 4 / person, if you want to go alone, the package price is $ 20. You should take a look all 4 islands before deciding to stay at any island to have meal or relax. 
sit on board to explore the narrow canals 
Sitting on boat to discover all islands is the most interesting.

Of four supernatural creatures, Long island specializes in raising seafood on raft and repairing boats because of being near My Tho fishing port. In addition, the luxuriant orchards are also characteristic of Long island. Although it is not as prominent as the rest three islands, when tourists come to Long island will have chance to enjoy the famous specialties such as durian, rambutan, cherry even seedless guava, orange, mango, star apple.

Lan Island or also called Thoi Son island is the largest island of 4 islands on Tien River. It makes tourists impressive by the winding small canals with full of coconut trees and cork trees on two side. Along with that natural beauty, it is also fascinated by the image of women wearing loose-fitting blouse, conical hat, skillfully sailing ... all creates the attracting typical beauty of this area in general and Lan Island in particular.

More things to do in Ben Tre

Contrary to Lan island, Quy island is the smallest island of Ben Tre. The interesting point of Quy island is still pristine with many perennial orchards planted in row looking very nice. Under the trees shade, the visitors can lie on hammocks swinging in breeze.
Orchards in Mekong Delta.
The laden-with-fruit orchards are always favorite destination for visitors.
Finally, Phung island is the most attractive destination of the discovering 4 supernatural journey. It has another name called Tan Vinh and floats on the center of Tien river as a green oasis attracting visitors. Travel there, you will admire the remained unique worship architecture of Nguyen Thanh Nam Dua religion such as Dragon yard, Hoa Binh tower and discover the distinctively traditional trades as making coconut candy, typical rice paper of Ben Late.

The discovering 4 sacred islands journey usually takes less than one day. However, if you are free, you can try experience visiting 4 islands on Tien river in a moonlit. It’s definitely exciting. Visitors can get on a boat to enjoy the feeling of floating on water wave, watch the moonlight and exchange traditional music with the local.


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