Visit Cai Rang floating market - a lively natural trading place.

Along Hau River, Cai Rang floating market at dawn appears with sounds and colors of crowed boats, which are full of specialties that make noise in “a corner of the sky”.

Nobody knows when Cai Rang floating market formed, perhaps from when commercial boats containing farm produces move follow small canals to Hau river to moor near each other. They ask for a fire for cigarette, or share rice, luffa, onion for the meal bad weather days. All makes a floating market.
A similar of Cai Rang floating market in very early morning when the fog is still
A similar of the market in very early morning when the fog is still.
Sitting on small boats, going to floating market, visitors must start at very early morning to have a chance to watch how crowed the market is. The colorful and special farm produces make people from afar irresistible the beauty of the Creator. When a pole hanging at boats nose are pitched with be sold items, it is the time for a busy commercial day. Hundreds of large and small boats dock closely together into one long chain. Sellers and buyers are crowded on floating boats.

"Beo trees" are a typical imagine of Cai Rang, it will show you what that boat is selling.
An early morning start by offering, singing sound of the women selling on lovely small boats. The aroma of noodles, rice spaghetti, coffee ... also spread farther than offering sound. Right in here, many commercial boats from distant provinces also come, then buy in bulk and continue passing through hundreds of canals to move to far places to trade. 
A super hot breakfast is awaiting you.
Tasting a hot bowling of noodle is an exciting experience in the market.
A long time ago, Cai Rang floating market is same as any other floating markets in northwest, also sell all items from essentials food, needle or wool to agricultural products, textile, fertilizer. Now, that selling way is only maintained by mobile boats coming directly to riverine houses. The floating market only focuses on wholesaling fresh agricultural commodities of gardens, in order that goods are transferred to Vinh Long, An Giang, Ca Mau by other boats. With tourists from afar, shopping on floating market is not only to watch but also to know a river space and above all to feel the life element of a strange and peaceful countryside.

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It is hard to restrain before diverse colors on this boat, from gentle red of naturally ripe papaya, purple of amaranth root, mangosteen, yellow of durian, mango, blue of salesgirls’ loose-fitting blouse.
Cai Rang is always colorful by the boats that sells flowers & seasonal fruits.
Cai Rang is always colorful by the boats that sells flowers & seasonal fruits.
Walking among floating market will make us feel like stepping into Cuu Long orchards with full of fruits, as seen coconut water, pineapple vegetables the riverside.
With people living on water, their boats are two meters long and seven meters in a roof. Despite of small and narrow space, but the sellers are always smiling when tourists order.

The bustle of floating market only lasts till noon. After that, river moves slowly with purple color of hyacinth flowers cause us feel vague sadness of coming sunset.
In those afternoon, family activities are felt diversely with clear sounds of when mother scoops up rice, when father smokes, when kids spell “e”, “a” and so on. That is daily life on water.
Some girls is making the most of fun in their Cai Rang excursion.
Some girls is making the most of fun in their Cai Rang boat excursion.
Cai Rang floating market is quite simple, not as colorful as Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thai Lan, but crowded boats scene still remains as an idyllic picture describing life of a corner in the South.
With the unique cultural and economic values of Cai Rang floating market, Rough Guide (UK) has voted Cai Rang Floating Market as one of the 10 most impressive markets in the world, described as a special market with the "colorful tropical" sales boats . Youramazingplaces website also offers a list of 6 most beautiful floating markets in Asia, including the floating market of Mekong Delta region, Cai Rang floating market is a typical example.

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