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An Giang owns the largest number of population in Mekong Delta. Its square is also the fourth largest in Southwestern region of Vietnam. For this reason, An Giang is one of the best tourism destinations with fascinating attractions such as Tra Su Indigo Forest, Cham Village, Sam Mountain, or Chau Doc floating villages, etc.

Location: An Giang is located in the upper branch of the Cuu Long Delta with covering of Hau River & Tien River (2 largest branches of Mekong River Vietnam). This province is shrouded by lots of narrow canals, small rivers that makes a crisscrossed interlacing. However, a western flat of An Giang contributes a significance to the agricultural productivity and quantity.

Especially, An Giang has a long border connecting to Cambodia. From Chau Doc town, you can take a speedboat crossing over Vinh Xuong border gate to Phnom Penh (Capital of Cambodia). If climbing to the peak of Sam Mountain, you can take an overview to Chau Doc and see the border between Vietnam & Cambodia.  

Climate: To be similar to other provinces of Mekong Vietnam, there are 2 clear seasons in An Giang. From November to the next March, it is the flooding season with a comfortable temperature. The rest period is the dry season.

About Tourism

  • An Giang is one of the most familiar destinations in the Mekong Delta tours owing to its famous attractions such as:
  • Tra Su Cajuput Forest belongs to Tinh Bien District. It is known as an immense green forest. It always wears on a cool verdant of soaring cajuput and water-fern. From September to the end of November, Tra Su becomes too attracting that no one can be unmindful.
  • Cham people in Chau Giang Village – impressive destination in classic tours to Mekong River Angiang in general because of many unique features and extremely characteristic.
  • Mt. Sam: Far from the center of An Giang province “Long Xuyen City,” about 60 km away to the west along Highway 91, visitors will reach to Chau Doc town where there is a famous mountain that many people know and want to climb up, that is Sam Mountain. This mountain named Same because this mountain’s appearance from far away is similar as a king-crab (animal type called Sam) clinging on vast green fields.
  • The series of pagodas, temples and tombs on the feet of Mt. Sam.


Transportation in An Giang is very convenient with both of land way and waterways. In the Mekong Delta tours, we often arrange An Giang visiting accompanied with some near places as Cambodia, Long Xuyen (62km), Ha Tien (96km), Can Tho (117km), Ho Chi Minh city (245km).

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