Welcome to Dong Thap Province

Dong Thap province is famous for pink lotus, stork garden and the sunset in paddy fields. It is a beautiful place for whom wants to escape from busy cities and enjoy a serenity with a rural life in Mekong River Vietnam.
Time to visit Dong Thap: The best time for arriving the lotus land is near to Lunar New Year to admire brilliant colors of Sa Dec flower gardens or in the flooding season to see flocks of storks come back home together below the sunset. In general, Dong Thap has a very special scenes of Mother Nature. It seems to be welcome you every time.

Where to visit in Dong Thap Province

Sa Dec flower village: situated in Tan Quy Dong Commune, Sa Dec City, has been enriched yearly by Tien river’s alluvium. With more than 100 years old, this village is home of cultivating and supplying all kinds of flowers, ornamental plants and bonsai for domestic and foreign, more particularly in the holidays, local’s great festivals. Sa Dec’s flowers are also supplied to the other places in Cuu Long Delta. 
Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House: was built in 1895. This ancient house is characterized by a combination of East-West architecture. Outside is decorated according to Chinese style, inside has 3 compartments following Vietnam’s traditional house with wooden door elaborately carved. The house is also known for being the context of film “Lover” by director Jane March. This movie talks about romance love without border between Huynh Thuy Le and French writer Marguerite Duras. This is one of the most favorited beauty spots in the Mekong Delta tours.
Kien An Cung Temple: situated in the center of Sa Dec City. This temple was built in 1924 by a group of Chinese people from Phuc Kien Province. Yearly, there are 2 big worship days: February 22th and August 22th (lunar calendar). Every three years, there is a worship day to pray for the dead and country’s prosperity.
Phuoc Kien Temple: (also called Lotus Leaf Temple) located in Hoa Tan Commune, Chau Thanh District. A type of giant lotus leaf with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 meters is planted here. The lotus’s leaf is thick, big leaf veins, high leaf’s edge to 4-5 cm so the leaf looks like a fancy “nia”. Especially, leaves can be supported the weight of 70kg of an adult.
Junior doctor Mausoleum (Lang Cu pho Bang): Located in Cao Lanh City and divided into 2 main areas (Area 1 includes tomb and memorial house, area 2 includes house on stilts and Uncle Ho fish pond). This is a construction built to express grateful to people who gave a birth of President Ho Chi Minh. Every year, on October 27th (lunar calendar), residents and tourists will gather to celebrate junior doctor grandparent’s death anniversary in solemn atmosphere as a major local festival.
Xeo Quyt relic: one of the “back to original point” destinations for tourists every when having opportunity to Dong Thap. This relic is located at My Long Commune, Cao Lanh District and covered an area of about 50 hectares of The Mekong River Dong Thap. Traveling here, it makes you feel like to be lost in the primary forest with stunning vistas. It is exactly a cajuput forest ecological zone.
Gao Giong Ecotourism Area: located in hamlet 6, Gao Giong Commune, Cao Lanh District. It has 1,700 hectares area and mostly includes mangrove forests. Visitors to Gao Giong will see the serenity and enjoy when floating on dinghy crossing canals or when cycling in mangrove forest, taking a rest in leaf hut and tasting all kinds of specialty in floating season.
Tram Chim National Park is a highlight ecotourism destination of The Mekong River Dong Thap with an area spread over 7 communes of Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province. With more than 7,000 hectares area, stunning scenery, vast rivers, untouched mangrove forests and rich flora- fauna (more than 130 different species); Tram Chim is recognized as 4th area of Ramsar in Vietnam and listed in 2,000th all over the world. If you travel the park at the late evening, you can witness a breathtaking imagine when groups of sarus cranes go back up to that covers all the sky.
Lotus Field in Dong Thap Muoi: has been exploited approximately for 1 year. This is an attractive destination for a lot of visitors to visit. Lotus field is located in My Hoa Commune, Thap Muoi District, far from Cao Lanh City about 40 km. Travelers come here have the opportunity to enjoy the very pleasant atmosphere, try wearing characterized countryside outfit: “ao ba ba” and conical leaf hat. Besides, tourists can also enjoy dishes made from lotus such as lotus tea, lotus sticky rice, lotus chicken salad, and grilled snakehead inside lotus leaf, etc.
Go Thap relic with conservation area about 300 hectares in Thap Muoi District. This relic area includes main clusters: Thap Muoi mound, Minh Su mound, Ba Chua Xu mound, Hoang Co Temple, Temple for worship heaven guard Vo Duy Duong and infantry officer Nguyen Tan Kieu, surveillance pit. Every year, at monument of Go Thap, festivals are held to commemorate the merits of Ba Chua Xu on March 15th (lunar calendar) and two heroes heaven guard Vo Duy Duong and infantry officer Nguyen Tan Kieu on November 15th (lunar calendar).

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