Welcome to Long An Province

The Mekong River Long An owns itself not only the beauty of Mekong River Vietnam. It also brings full of Southern charm. For this reason, Long An is worthy in both of discovering and seeing as a new destination.
Place: 50 km from Ho Chi Minh city.
Transportation: public bus, motorbike, private car.

Attractions in The Mekong River Long An

1. Can Duoc District:
It is the main point rice producing with Nang Thom rice, especially in Peach market (My Le Commune). You can try eating cooking rice and oletoris balia with brine. It is a specialty of Long An which brings you the perfect the tasty of Vietnam’s mothers. Can Duoc is known as one of cradles of “Don Ca Tai Tu” (folk music of West Southern Vietnam), and you can visit communal house in the Van Phuoc village where is worship Mr Nguyen Quang Dai. He was a musical mandarin from Nguyen court, and also a ancestor of “Don Ca Tai Tu”. Moreover, Can Duoc is famous with traditional handicraft as weaving sedge mat, wooden cold chisel and building boat. These traditional works are preserved and even grown to export up to now.
It is in lower section of Vam Co river, travelers were attracted by adventure tours which visit to specific alluvial grounds of waterway area. Local produces as “small crab sauce” and Chinese sausage are one of the reason to bring visitors to Can Giuoc. When coming here, you don’t forget to go to Ton Thanh temple – a heritage site, and Rach Nui archaeological site.
2. Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism:
Going upstream Vam Co Tay River, you will be experienced Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism which is totally characteristic for travel in low-lying land of the South. When you stay here, you are certainly impressed by thick and interminable Indigo forest, giant lotus-fields, and variety of a preserved animal system as red cranes, Egrets, snakes, and tortoises. In addition, original local foods as hot soups from cork flowers, lotus root and seafood mixing dish, and grilled water fishes will provide to you the exciting.

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