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Location: It is 200 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and in the seaside of Pacific. Tra Vinh is called the kingdom of makapuno (1) of Southwestern Vietnam. It is also well-known by variety of temples and pagodas with Khmer’s design.
Population: 1.012.600 people.
Race: Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Chinese.

Tra Vinh is the land of many originally religious architecture of Khmer ethnic group, Kinh people and Chinese people. Temples and pagodas scatter through the province is a highlight point of Tra Vinh. In addition, the beaches, the vast islands with fruit and characteristic ecosystem of mangrove forest make Tra Vinh become an interesting place to travel. This is an ideal choice for travelers who love spiritual tourism combined with ecotourism.

Tra Vinh – the potential landscapes of South Western region

With more than 150 pagodas of Khmer ethnic people, nearly 60 temples of Kinh and Chinese people, visitors will be wallowed in the distinct spiritual culture of Khmer people, admired the ancient architectures of famous pagodas. With travelers loving the spiritual culture, Tra Vinh actually is an irreplaceable choice. Special religious architecture of Tra Vinh can be clearly seen through the Ong Met pagoda, Ang Pagoda, Phno Dung pagoda, Ap Soc pagoda, Hang Pagoda, Bao Mon pagoda… The ancient grandiose temple marking Khmer architecture will be an extremely novel experience in the journey to Tra Vinh of tourists.
Ba Om Pond is a famous landscape in Tra Vinh that visitors should not ignore. That placid pond is covered by green trees  surrounding. Each time inclining to the water surface, it looks like a watercolor painting. Another attracting point of Ba Om pond is ancient trees around the pond with different – shape roots creates its own unique features to this place.
Ba Dong Beach is a beautiful one in Tra Vinh. Visitors can stop to rest during their journey. Swimming and sightseeing in Ba Dong beach is a great way to give strength for visitors to continue the journey.
Besides, there are many other choices for visitors in their journey. Tra Vinh has two more places for the tourists loving ecotourism to visit and explore. They are Tan Quy islet and Long Tri islet. Rowing and sightseeing on the river, you can take an excursion around the vast orchards with typical fruits of Tra Vinh such as plum, mango, pomelo, berry, mangosteen, rambutan, etc.
Tra Vinh is also famous for the Southern specialties. Travelers can easily have a chance to enjoy many attractive dishes anywhere in their trip. The specialties are ‘bun suong’ (2), broth noodles, dried shrimp, Ba Dong Chù ụ (crab), cylindric glutinous rice cake up, Da Loc pyramidal glutinous rice cake, etc. Makapuno is one of the best thing you must try.

(2) Bun suong is a Vietnamese Annatto Pork & Shrimp Sausage Noodle Soup

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